What makes this project unique.
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In-depth desktop analyse of the regional/national context, including the best practises. Also a practical research in order to see the full picture by getting feedback from the relevant regional target groups, including surveys/interviews.

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SHARED methodology

How to make most efficient use of the best practices analysed in the daily work with NEETs. The young people should be able to have their competences, in particular the ones acquired through non-formal in informal learning, recognized and visuable/usable.

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Training methods

The methodology and system for recognition of competences developed in O2 will be prepared to be implemented on the national and regional level. The final aim of O3 is the development of the final versions of handbook and sytem in English and all partner languages.

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News and events

Multiplication and mainstreaming of the project outputs with focus on recognition of competences acquired through non-formal and informal learning with SHARE handbook as well as internet based resources with SHARE system. It will include 25/ 30 participants from each region.

Target group

People in levels EQF1 and EQF2
Over 5 million young people in EU, cannot find a job.

The beneficiaries the project is aiming at are NEETs, (potential) dropouts, young refugees and migrants, age 16-30. If a young person has not got a diploma or certificate, it does not mean he/she has not gained skills and competences. When a youngster can show to a future employer what his/her skills and competences are and the employer acknowledges the value of these skills and competences, the employability of the youngster will enhance and for the employers the possibilities to get the adequate employees will enlarge. The aim of the project is to narrow the gap between vulnerable young groups of people in our society and the labour market in order to make these young persons to active participants in our society. This strengthens them to be self-confident and make them economically valued in community.


Hard and effective workers

VHS Cham

Partner from Germany
The Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. counts as one of the largest adult education centres in Bavaria. It is the largest adult educational provider in the District of Cham.

AC Amics Biblioteca Fonteta

Partner from Spain
NGO in the region of Valencia, focused in empowerment of youth and active citizenship. How? Non-formal education and using games as educational tools and gamification.