Name Country Description
Netherlands The Bloom Foundation is a Dutch organization which aims to create possibilities for youngsters with fewer opportunities to have a non formal learning experience. Our target group is youngsters who face difficulties at school, work or have social behavioral problems. We create non formal learning experiences for these youngsters to increase their social inclusion and changes to get and keep an education and/or job. Bloom creates an international network of organizations who work with this vulnerable target group. In this network knowledge and experiences are shared and international projects developed and started.
Netherlands Xtra is an organization of welfare and youth care. Specialized in community centers with the approach prevention, participation and help for slightly mental disabled people. For youth is the vision that help is offered in the surroundings of family for 16- and in the surroundings of the family and friends network for 16+. Xtra is partner of the youth teams in all districts of the Hague. Xtra brings in the teams the experience of the primary school social worker , agogen and consultants for youth with mild mental limitations. Because the adopting approach that prevention is better than cure, offers Xtra also the connection with the community centers to the youth teams.
Italy The association “IL VERGANTE” is divided into an info point and in an on line newspaper. The info point is for young people an amazing opportunity for understanding and deepening the European and the educational opportunities, the work camps/youth exchanges/training course and all the chances related to volunteering in the territory of “Vergante” – Novara and Europe. The info point is Front office for young people that is especially looking for a job in Italy and in Europe (CV, motivation letter, etc.…) We offer connection with the youth information offices and labour offices in order to promote the newsletter with all the information related to: Holidays/School/University/Volunteering /European mobility/Work There is a Community of young people that is not integrated so we are developing workshops in schools thought sport, music and art in order to create an environment and a space for non formal learning. Our goal is base our youth work on non formal learning in order to visible, recognized and applicable to obtain sustainable jobs for youngsters with no (recognized) diplomas. We cooperate with different Municipalities and VET institution. We organize auto – evaluation of non formal learning workshop for young people that are looking for a job.
Italy In Progress Calabria is a non-profit organization that operates in the areas of social commitment, European project-designing, training and education. In Progress Calabria members invest their intellectual and creative force in their own territory, Calabria, but at the same time throughout Europe. The main goal is to support local development in order to raise local standards to European levels. In Progress is well rooted into its area. It features local, regional and national broad-partnerships with public and private entities, as well as companies, so that it is possible to operate creating effective governance actions, like Educational Insititutions (Universities, Schools, Kindergardens) and social part active in the labour market (Chamber of Commerce, Trade Unions and Associations). For changing areas it is essential to change people, therefore we strongly work with organizing international training courses for professionals in the fields of education, training and business as well as youth exchanges for youngsters and traineeships abroad. We strongly support the European mobility for all targets, who wants to draw inspiration and teaching thanks to the exchange of good practice with other European bodies. This is a new and unique way to learn about cultures, patterns of learning, social and economic growth. At all levels, the European exchange offers the opportunity to practice the foreign languages, to increase the knowledge on specific topics, make new interdisciplinary and multicultural experiences, and to develop the so called soft skills, such as problem solving, the spirit of initiative and creativity. It also boosts the circulation of innovative knowledge, which is crucial for Europe’s future growth for a local smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Since January 2014, In Progress Calabria operates under the two European programs Erasmus+ and HORIZON2020. In both cases, the main aim is the economic growth and the creation of employment for our local area. In order to operate under those programs, it is essential to improve the linguistic preparation of civil society. Therefore, In Progress organizes language courses with specific purposes for target-groups (such as English for Tourism for the workers in the field).
Germany The Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. counts as one of the largest adult education centres in Bavaria. It is the largest adult educational provider in the District of Cham, it consists of over 70 full-time employees, over 300 free-lancers in 30 different locations. In addition to the traditional language and culture related courses – standard fare for adult education centres – we also match our program to the needs of the people within the region to provide them with opportunities for attaining vocational qualifications and obtaining employment. Every year an impressive number of young people pass the (Qualifying) Certificate of Secondary Education and for most of them we can find an apprenticeship or training position. A lot of adults find their way back to the labour market after taking one of our further education training courses. The VHS Cham provides the vocational courses which focus not only on specific knowledge and skills related to the profession, but also development of the social skills, entrepreneurship skills and bringing European values close to the citizens. The VHS Cham focuses also on the development of new curricula in the context of ECVET, recognition and validation of competences as well as guidance counselling for different target groups. It has been implementing European projects in the field of vocational and adult education since 2004.
Spain AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta has as one of the main goals the fight against discrimination and exclusion of people belonging to minorities. In the area of Valencia (Spain), big migrant population coming from North Africa and South America (and some European countries too) has arrived the last years, and nowadays, with the case of crisis, many episodes of discrimination and xenophobia are taking place. Because of this issue, our organization is trying to deal with it through the nonformal education activities with youth and adults in strong collaboration with the formal education system and the public administration. The group of youth drop-out from the formal education system is another big issue in our community, so we develop specific empowerment programmes based on softskills training and vocational guidance activities. The AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta is a medium size organization built in the base of volunteers with a group of stable active members of around 30 people. The board is composed by a group of 4 people and there is 1 staff person in charge of management and training events. For the period 2015-2017 we are focused in the use of games as educational tools and gamification, and therefore we are developing different programmes to promote and to encourage the different stakeholders to use games and discover the benefits from them. In the field of migration, refugees, and drop-outs we have been connected with different experiences of using games for intercultural learning, games for conflict management and games for language skills development and games for personal development.

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